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Top WordPress Social Bookmarking Plugin


WordPress social bookmarking plugin are important to your blog, with bookmarks you create interaction between the reader with your blog. Social bookmarking can also increase your blog traffic, much social bookmarking wordpress plugin that is available, but I have summarized the best wordpress social bookmarking plugin version TechieDay for you :

Digg Digg

This is my favorite plugin. This plugin is available in the Normal and Floating Display, in the normal view to social bookmarking buttons you place in your post. You can put on before the content, post content, align left or right. Then the display will display the Floating social bookmarking buttons on the float. You can set the display on the left or right side of the blog, and also scrolling menu. Digg Digg can be displayed on the front page, single post, archives. You can see in left this content the button digg digg.

Download Digg Digg

Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy social bookmarking plugin which is quite popular among bloggers, Sexy Bookmarks can you show in above content, content below, above and below the content or put it manually, you are provided a menu of options to choose the Networks that will be displayed on the bookmark’s button.


Download Sexy Bookmarks


This plugin is a popular bookmark plugin. You can choose your network line that will show, the location of the position you can choose to display on the front page, single post, archive, rss, etc.


Download Sociable

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is a social bookmarking plugin that has the features are complete enough, but can arrange a service network which will be shown on the social bookmarking buttons, if the button is clicked you can arrange to open a new window, set the number of line button bookmarks, and limit the display of the pages.

Download Social Bookmarks


ShareThis has an interesting display icon, from Large Icons, Count Horizontal, Vertical Count, Display Classic, etc.. ShareThis can immediately put social bookmark buttons automatically, or you can put it manually.

Download ShareThis


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