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What Is The Impact of Technology On Human Resource Management


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Human resource management basically entails how the internal employees of an organization interact. It involves managing this workforce to ensure great performance to the betterment of the company. In any organization, the human resource department has the necessary training on matters regarding human relation which they utilize in ensuring that employees put into use their skills effectively. Technology comes into this particular department to boost efficiency.

As a matter of fact, it has enable managers in these departments undertake their duties that are mostly administrative very effectively. some of the things that technology is bound to instill in such a department include removing barriers that are a stumbling blocks to resource integration, efficient collaboration as well as communication, smooth operation among others. In essence what it does is departmentalizing the company so that; task are allocated to every department. This in return tends to boost performance in that every department is able to deal with its task effectively.

Outsourcing is also another area that human resource department has been very vital at. Technology has heightened outsourcing in that many people get incorporated into the core functions of the company much easier. As people embrace online form of interaction, companies are hiring employees through this avenue from every part of the world. Outsourcing has also been made easier also because of technology. This is due to the fact that marketing analysis and website creation have been made easier.
Service quality is also another area that has greatly improved thanks to technology. As they endeavor to take into consideration the needs of the company’s employees, they also have to embrace technology in their search for staffs. With the implementation of technology to increase their efficiency, the quality of work undertaken by employees that are new to the company is expected to be higher.

The human resource department has shifted its focus more on techno savvy employees and also clients. No more paper work as human resource managers have resorted to using software to allocate duties to their employees. Nonetheless, not all aspect of human resource has undergone a complete shift as far as technology is concerned. Despite the changed mode of interaction between the managers and the employees, the fundamental aspects of relationship have not changed.

Those apparatuses that technology has brought about in relation to employee care, primary transaction processes information mediums are regarded as brilliant development in human resource management. Technology has been very instrumental in excluding unnecessary stages that forms transactional process. In summary technology has a huge impact on human resource management. Things like the internet play a very pivotal role as a source of communication between the human resources managers’ themselves and those staffs who are outsourced and thus stationed in far flung areas.

Software has been utilized to make the work of human resource departments much easier. In whichever area technology will have both critics and those who are pro technology and thus its influence either positive or negative on the society depend on people perspectives.

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