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Steps – How to make a brochure on microsoft word 2010


How to make a brochure on microsoft word 2010

Steps For Constructing A Brochure In Microsoft Word

So, How to make a brochure on microsoft word 2010? Brochures constructed from the free brochure templates in Microsoft Word are a good selling instrument for the small business owners having a close-fitting budget.

This write-up will show you the technique to create free brochures using the simple to use utilities at Microsoft office online.

Construct Brochures Using Free Word Templates

Free templates offered by Microsoft Office to create brochures, empower the small business owners to swiftly tailor and create a professional-looking brochure to promote business offerings and / or to publicize the products and services offered by the business to the general public. A ready-made template offered by Microsoft Word makes this job a lot easier and less time-consuming, since the structure and basic skeleton is already engineered into every required template. With most of the standard templates available to be used as brochures are offered by Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, the price tag associated to it, and also the simplicity to customizing them, there’s simply no point in constructing one from scratch unless you wish to invest the time into design phase and you have that extra bucks. Your choice of brochure additionally relates to your printer paper size so if you would like to print brochure through your printer then it would be better to pick brochure template as per your desired size or if you solely prefer to use it as PDF file then you can opt for any size. So lets see the steps on how to make a brochure on microsoft word 2010


To build a brochure in Word 2007 or 2010, you can simply act according to the steps mentioned below. Screen shots used in this guide is taken in Word 2007 however there is a similar process in Word 2010 as well.


 Step 1 : Start Microsoft Word application

A very first obvious step is to open MS Word application. Then click on “Office button” > “New” if you are using Word 2007, and if using Word 2010 then click on “File” tab > “New”

how to create a brochure in microsoft word 2010 - Step1


Step 2 : Select Brochure Template

You will notice below window appear on your screen, and find “Brochures” choice under “Templates” on left section of the screen. You can choose any brochure template from all accessible and click on download to grab from “Microsoft Office Online”.

Step2-How to create a brochure in mircosoft word 2010

Step 3 : Save the Downloaded Brochure Template

Brochure template will open in Word document once the download is complete, so the very obvious step is to “Save” the document. Hence, go for it and save the skeleton of your brochure.


Step 4 : Replace Placeholder Content With Your Desired Content

Now once you have the desired brochure saved and opened in your Word, you can notice the placeholder content which has come with template brochure. Go-ahead and start replacing the placeholder content and adding your desired content. To replace, first select the placeholder text and hit the delete key. Then start typing your desired text.

Step3 - How to create a brochure in microsoft word 2010

Step3 - How to create a brochure in microsoft word 2010

Step4-How to create a brochure in microsoft word 2010

Step4-How to create a brochure in microsoft word 2010



Step 5 : Insert Desired Pictures / Images

You can also insert or add images, pictures, smart art, clip art, etc. to your brochure template. To insert any such graphics, click on the Insert button available in the main menu of Microsoft Word application. And there you will find lot of choices that you can insert in your brochure, like table, picture, clip art, smart art, chart, different shapes, hyperlinks, etc.

In  the Insert Menu on the top – Click Picture and Add Picture.


Step 6 : Spell Check and Proof-Reading

Once you are done with inserting all the desired content and graphics or tables or charts, etc., it is always advisable to do a spell check and grammar check. Also advisable to proof read everything, so it gets confirmed that nothing is left out.

Once this is done, your brochure is all set to be distributed by various means to the prospects. By the way, do not forget to keep on saving the copy of your brochure at regular intervals during the brochure creation process.

Hence, making the most use of these free tools to create your brochures in this close-fitting economy can be a superb way out to market a business while not driving the financial plan on a costly publicity campaign.

This concludes a step by step instruction on How to make a brochure on microsoft word 2010.


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