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Step by Step Guide on How to Block Email in GMail

Step by Step Guide on How to Block Email in Gmail

Step by Step Guide on How to Block Email in Gmail

Blocking an email in your Gmail account allows you save more space on your email. It is also an essential tool that can help prevent unwanted emails from getting to your Inbox.

GMAIL – is a product of Google which provides free email services using POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Normally in our society and even worldwide, we own one self- identified email address. This could be a personal email and a corporate or office email. In Gmail, a lot of email features has been developed and modified to give email experience into a new height. And also, email address can be one doorway to any information available in the web. Once you have publicly displayed your email in any social networking site, there will be no stopping of emails day in until day out. To prevent you from receiving any spam email message or unwanted subscriptions and advertisement that keeps on popping into your inbox, there is a way to do this. And all these unwanted emails will be directly put on trash so you will now have a spam- free inbox.  There are two things that you can do, either you can filter the message, use the GMAIL features to do this or mark spam which means it will be forwarded to spam folder.

Step by step procedure on how to block email in GMAIL.

1. Log in to your GMAIL email account.

2. Log in using your designated username and password.

3. Once you are already in the email page, look at the search box as appeared in the below illustration and click the arrow down icon (Show search option).

Once you have clicked the arrow down icon this illustration will be shown.

Step by Step Guide on How to Block Email in GMail

Step by Step Guide on How to Block Email in GMail

4. Once the page has shown as above, you can enter the email address that you want to block in the “From” field.

5. After entering the email address, click the “Create filter with this search”

6. Another pop up window will appear and will direct you on wwhat you need and want to do to the email address that you want to block.

7. You may choose among the check box on your left to organize your FOLDERS.

8. “Skip the Inbox” – email received from the blocked listed will be forwarded Archive.

9. “Mark as read” will then be the action if you will click on this box, you will still be able to see the email from your inbox.

10. “Start it”, will highlight the email from this blocked user.

11. “Apply the label”- you can either check this and mark the label that you want to easily identify that it comes from the blocked user from the folders that you have personalized.

12. “Forward it”, this will automatically directs to the other email address that you created. Here you will be needing to provide an email address where the email received from the blocked user will be forwarded.

13. “Delete it: will automatically be put on the “Trash” folder.

14. “Never send it to spam”

15. “Always mark it as important”

16. “Never Mark it as important”

17. And “categorize as”

You can choose whether what you can do with your blocked email address to help you managed your Inbox and other folders. This GMAIL feature can also be accessed through your iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.


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