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Logos Quiz for Android Answers Level 5 – Cheats and Walkthrough Guide


Quiz for Android Answers is a very exciting game for fun loving people. If you like logos games and puzzles then you will also like to face Quiz for Android Answers Level 5. This is a game, specially designed for iphone and now, it is also available in android. You can download it in your mobile and play it any time you want. This game gives you some logos and slogans ad you have to solve the puzzle by answering this puzzle. You have to tell the name of the company in turn of a logo and this shows your intelligence and IQ level.

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This game has become more fun with the option of hints and you can use them when you are really stuck and cannot find any way out. Moreover, you can also challenge a friend of yours by sending a logo to him/her through facebook or twitter. He or she also becomes a part of your game and you both will enjoy it more than ever.

You have limited hints for one game because you cannot get hint for every logo available in this game. You can also see that how many hints are left behind for you and how many logos you have missed and also that how many of them have you guessed correctly. There are some new logos in this game so some hints are given below for the level 5 so that you can cross it easily.

The Logos Start With Acer, American Airlines, American Express, Asics, Ati, Bank Of America, Barclays, Bbc, Bic, Blackberry, Bradesco, Burberry, Camel, Cartier, Castrol, Chase, Columbia, Credit Suisse, Dcshoecousa, Delta, Diadora, Diesel, Duracell, Easyjet, Espn, Esso, Fiba, Forum, Garnier, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Gucci, Hard Rock, Heinz, History Channel, Hyundai, Ing, Jaguar, John Smith, Jvc, Kenwood,, Lacoste, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lancome, Mitsubishi, Mizuno, Nespresso, Nfl, Nickelodeon, Old Navy, Olympus, Pixar ,Playboy, Qantas, Ralph Lauren, Rotring, Rowenta, Saab, Samsonite, Sanyo, Schwarzkopf, Schweppes, Sephora, Siemens, Smart, Sprite, Staples, Tomtom, Unilever, Volcom, Xbox and Yves Saint Laurent.

All these names are mentioned in a sequence and you also have to enter in the same sequence.


Logos quiz answers-Level5 cheats

Logos quiz answers-Level5 cheats

Logos Quiz Cheat Level 5

1) Blue rectangle with white silhouette of two words with ‘A’ and ‘E’ begin each word (AMERICAN EXPRESS)

2)  A jumping jaguar (JAGUAR)

3)  Blue oval with ‘O’ and ‘N’ letters in it. (OLD NAVY)

4)  A black shape with white triangle in it. (MIZUNO)

5)  Green border line with a green circle with red rectangle in the circle. (CASTROL)

6)  ‘N’ letter (SANYO)

7) Three circles with green, yellow and pink color (GARNIER)

8) Transparent basket ball with four handprint in four different colors on it (FIBA)

9)  Small blue symbol formed ‘U’ letter. (UNILEVER)

10) Red rectangle with two white curvy shapes and two white rectangles. (BRADESCO)

11) ‘E’ and double ‘L’ letters (DURACELL)

12)  ‘a’, ‘y’ and ‘e’ letter in orange (EASYJET)

13) Blue head arrow and ‘A’ letter. (DIADORA)

14) Red ‘J’ letter (JVC)

15) An orange lion (ING)

16) A mirrored ‘G’ letter (GUCCI)

17) Oval with ‘H’ letter in it (HYUNDAI)

18) Shapes like ‘a’ letter (ASICS)

19) Red circle border with another red circle in it and ‘g’ letter (ROTRING)

20) Orange splash (NICKELODEON)

21) Sideways yellow ribbon with a read stamp above (SCHWEPPES)

22) Green bubble and black curvy shape with one red shapes and two black shapes surround (LOGITECH)

23) ‘t’ and double ‘r’ letters (CARTIER)

24) Double blue ‘S’ letters (SIEMENS)

25) A red head arrow and a triangle (DELTA)

26) A black badge with golden border line and a golden bull in it (LAMBORGHINI).

27) Silver bold ‘C’ letter and orange triangle (SMART)

28) A red triangle with a kangaroo’s silhouette in it (QANTAS)

29) A crocodile (LACOSTE)

30) An orange circle with red border line and ‘café’ in the circle (HARDROCK)

31) A knight with a spear on a horse with chain-mail (BURBERRY)

32)  A blue emblem with stars and a football icon (NFL)

33) A man on a horse with polo stick. (RALPH LAUREN)

34) Silhouette of camel (CAMEL)

35) A triangle with a cock in front of it (LE COQ SPORTIF)

36) ‘D’ and ‘C’ letter (DCSHOECOUSA)

37) ‘G’ and ‘M’ letter (GENERAL MOTORS)

38) A silhouette of two words with ‘J’ at the beginning of the first word and a red oval on it  (JOHN SMITH)

39) Red rectangle with ‘D’ and ‘L’ letters (DIESEL)

40) ‘A’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ letters (ATI)

41) Red ‘A’ and blue ‘A’ letter with a hawk in the middle (AMERICAN AIRLINES)

42) Green ‘a’ and ‘c’ letters. (ACER)

43) Rectangular border line and ‘R’ and ‘W’ letters (ROWENTA)

44) Double ‘s’ letter and double triangle (CREDIT SUISSE).


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