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iPad vs Microsoft Surface Pro



iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro are often compared by many users because of the traditional rivalry of products between Apple and Microsoft. In order to understand which of these two devices will best suit your requirements let us have a closer look on the different benefits each of these products can provide.

Microsoft Surface Pro

  • One of the most highlighted features of Microsoft Surface Pro is it’s able to provide a physical keyboard and simultaneously maintain touch pad functionalities. This combination of features can be a huge selling point for Microsoft Surface Pro especially because this feature is unique to them and a lot of tablet and iPad users are actually uncomfortable with touch screen keyboard when preparing office documents.  Users can now enjoy a touch pad that provides almost similar functionality to that of a laptop.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro runs on Windows-RT OS or operating system which is automatically provides numerous sync support features to different Windows OS products such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office. This compatibility makes its easier for Windows user to migrate their files from their laptop to their Microsoft Surface without any hassle. Because Microsoft Surface Pro’s Windows-RT is still new in the market there is only limited number of apps being developed for this OS.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro is equipped with dual antennas which allow you to establish reliable and strong 3G or 4G connection. The kickstand featured in the Microsoft Surface actually took a lot of time to develop and enhance. However, Microsoft could not use this as an advantage point anymore since most Android and iPad product cases now include similar functionality to that of a kickstand.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro is heavier in weight compared to iPad since it provides larger display. The Intel processor integrated with Microsoft Surface Pro makes at a powerful machine that is almost equivalent to that of a laptop. These features are all very advantageous in terms of functionality however these are also heavy on resources which makes Microsoft Surface Pro’s battery life much shorter compared to iPad.


  • One of the primary advantages of iPad product to any other mobile or tablet devices is the number of apps available for its user. Since iPad runs on the same operating system as iPhone and iPod all the applications that has been developed for these other Apple products are also made available to iPad. The wide variety of applications that you can access with iPad opens your device to endless number of functionalities that you can easily download from the App Store.
  • iPad’s iOS and processor and RAM are lesser than that of a Microsoft Surface Pro. However, these designs were in fact strategically integrated to iPad products in order to keep iPad functionalities light on resources. This design extends iPad battery life two times longer than that of a Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • iPads are lighter and thinner compared to Microsoft Surface Pro. It also have higher resolution camera which make it ideal for taking quality picture. iPad’s light weight feature combined with high resolution camera makes it a perfect travel companion. Since iPad are light and thin you can easily tuck them in your bag without taking too much space. iPad can also help keep you busy during travel time with games and other various features. Once you arrive at your destination you can finally start capturing moments and scenery with your iPad.
  • Because iPad have lower specifications compared to that of Microsoft Surface Pro the price of iPad is significantly much cheaper compared to Microsoft Surface Pro which makes them a more preferable choice especially for people with limited budget. Also, iPad provides wider options in terms of storage size compared to Microsoft Surface Pro. iPad comes in four varieties which are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB while Microsoft Surface Pro only has two options the 64GB and 128GB. This also another contributing factor while iPad is cheaper because they offer lower specification version of their product unlike Microsoft Surface which has only limited options with both high specifications.

Clearly iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro have their own advantages and disadvantages which can be weighed and prioritized based on the nature of how they are going to be used. For business and office related functionalities Microsoft Surface is definitely faster and better. However, if you are working on a budget and simply wants to enjoy a flexible device that can cover numerous functionalities, iPad is definitely the best choice for you.


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