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IPad Flash Drive


Ipad flash drive readerIf you have an Ipad and you want to store photos, videos, and other types of files, you should consider buying an Ipad flash drive. It is important that you have a flash drive that is compatible to your Ipad to ensure that the files will be properly saved. You can buy an Ipad USB flash drive from any electronic or computer store or even online.

People prefer basic USB drives because they are very efficient when it comes to storing data. They are also easy to carry. You can put them in your pocket or purse in case you need to store data while you are on the go. Compared to secure and hard drives, USB drives are more compact and easy to use.


When buying a flash drive for your Ipad, you have to consider the following tips and information:

  • One of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to choosing an USB Ipad flash drive is the memory. For those people who do not know what a memory is, it is the capacity of the device to store data. The memory of a flash drive is measured in terms of gigabytes of GB. You can choose flash drives with 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB memory. The larger the GB, the bigger the memory and the higher the capacity to store.

8GB-flash drives are ideal for students who only need to store documents, some pictures, music, and a couple of videos. 16GB-flash drives are the most popular because they can store more than the 8GB-flash drives and they are cheaper than the 32GB-flash drives. However, if you are a professional who works on HD videos and high-resolution images, a 32GB-flash drive is the perfect choice for you.

IPad Flash Drive Reader and Adapter Tips

  • It is also important to choose a USB flash drive for your Ipad that has the right specifications. Choose a flash drive with a 3.0 protocol because it is much faster than a 2.0 protocol especially when it comes to transferring data to and from your Ipad. This latest protocol is also compatible to older models of IPads, which means that you will have no problem even if your Ipad is an old one.
  • You should also choose a USB flash drive that has added features like indicator lights, security software, reported speeds, online storage for free, file encryption, and backup. These features will make your basic Ipad flash drive even more efficient.
  • Aside from the technology itself, you should also look at the flash drive’s help and support features. This is an electronic device which means that in the future, you might have some troubles or queries that need the help of a technical support representative. It is also important that your flash drive comes with a warranty. Good brands of flash drives usually give at least a year of warranty to the customer since they know that their product is reliable and will not get easily damaged after many uses.


These are the things that you should know about Ipad flash drives. Be sure to remember these tips in case you want to buy one for your Ipad.

Question 1 – Will the flash drive work with Ipad 2 on the latest firmware once it has been jailbroken?

Answer – Yes, it will work. Works for IPad 2 and IPad3


Question 2 – Will the flash drive work allow copy of files?

Answer – Flash drive will allow copy of files into your IPad


Question 3 – Will this work for digital cameras?

Answer – Yes, you will have to format the Flash drive in Ipad to work for cameras.


These are the things that you should know about Ipad flash drives. Be sure to remember these tips in case you want to buy one for your Ipad.


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  1. Old Fart
    September 5, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Would have been nice if somewhere on this page you had said that the camera connection kit is needed.

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