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How to use Gemini to Remove and Find Duplicate Files on MAC


GEMINI is an application that helps you find and remove duplicate you  files in MAC product.  It is incredibly simple, a select and drop folders towards Gemini to check identical files. You need to simply click the Auto Select button to delete those duplicates. It is incomparably fast, it only takes a flash or a blink of an eye to scan those duplicates even in a huge a big storage. It is ingeniously smart; Gemini will make sure that there will be at least one instance that will keep your files safe. The features of Gemini are listed below for your reference:

  • Auto Select wizard Select all unneeded duplicates in one click
  • Awesome design doesn’t just remove the duplicates
  • Exclude List Define what folders, files or file extensions to ignore
  • External drives support Scan any mountable media for duplicates
  • Rich navigation Built-in file preview and metadata information
  • Security check  At least one instance of every file will be kept safe
  • Remove duplicate folders eliminate identical folders too!
  • Proprietary scanning algorithm Quick as a lightning,  accurate as a surgeon!
  • Data visualizer Easily determine what duplicates take most space
  • Scan multiple locations Select a few folders  and scan them all at once
  • Intelligent scanning Avoids scanning any  potentially troublesome files
  • Big files are prioritized See the prime duplicate classified almost immediately
  • Finder integration Add folders to scan from control-click menu on Finder’s
  • iPhoto support & iTunes  Remove redundant files from your music and photo libraries too
  • Two-way deletion Move duplicates to Trash or erase them completely

Gemini is a downloadable tool that allows you to remove and delete un- necessary duplicates in your file. Please click the link to download and start organizing you files. http://macpaw.com/gemini Below are the step by step procedures to help you organize your files:

1. Once you have downloaded the Gemini apps, you can now proceed to organizing your files.  Start by dragging the desired folder or drive from Finder to drop it on the Gemini window. You can also click + and select from one or more folders in the new opened files in the Finder Window. You can click the scan button to start scanning the location from which you have duplicated in the given location.

2.  The other option would be to right click the folder in which you have duplicated files and then click the “Scan for Duplicates with Gemini” in the control click menu on the bottom part.

3. When the scan process has started, you may want to abort it anytime by clicking the “Cancel Scan”. It will interrupt the scan process. When this scan has stopped, you will need to start all over again to find the file duplicates.

4. When the scan is complete. You need to click the “Show Result” and start choosing the files you want to delete. The deletion process will now take place.

5. You can also click the “Stop” and “Show Result” to see the deleted files and the result of it.

6. Check carefully the duplicate files that you need to be deleted and removed. Then click the “‘Remove Selected” to remove them.  Then Gemini will populate a list of chosen duplicates which will allow you to double check the files that you want to delete and removed. Once you have already made the necessary checking, click “Remove Duplicate” and it will now be move to the trash. In this case, all the deleted files are now in the ‘Trash”.

7. Another feature that GEMINI offers to save your time from unnecessary duplicate file is it selects all the duplicate files in one click. This can be done by clicking the “Auto Select” button and Gemini will automatically scan and checks the possible duplicates in your files and creates the final check list. All the duplicate files found in the final check list will be removed and deleted. All of these duplicate files will be thrown away to the Trash by default. If you want to permanently delete all these files, you may want to empty the trash and all the deleted and removed duplicate files will be gone. This will help you increase the size of your drive and free from any unnecessary file and duplicates.

The GEMINI apps is also available on other Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. This application helps you to organize files by deleting and removing any duplicate files you may have in your disk. This process will help you increase your disk space and will also help you run your system fast and smoothly. It will optimize your productivity as well as the quality of work you may have. It is always best to remove and delete the duplicates in your files for better organizing of your files.


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