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How to Download Facebook Data

How to Download Facebook Data

How to Download Facebook Data

Download Facebook data can be done to back up all the facts and information you share in Facebook.  You can download back up all the videos and photos that you have uploaded in Facebook, messages, wall posts and even chat conversation.

You can also download back up for your friends names and their email addresses. There are restrictions on the back up downloading which includes photos of your friends and their status updates, other people’s personal information and comments that you have made. Here is the step by step procedure on how to download Facebook data”


1. In your Facebook Home- click on the icon that will direct you to “Account Settings”. It is located at the top right beside the lock icon.

2. Click on the “Account Settings” once you are ready.

3. The page will open and you will see the “General Account Settings “under which will show the Name, Username, Email, Password, Networks, Language and down beneath it is the “Download a copy of your Facebook Data”. Click on it when you are ready to download.

4. To download back up, click the “Download copy of your Facebook Data”.

5. Once you clicked it, make sure to read all the data in this page. Here are the important data of this page for your guidance. It will show you what is in your archive such as videos, digital images, messages, your friends name, wall posts and email addresses. It will also show you what is “not” in your archive like, your friend’s photos and status update, other people’s personal details and comments you have made to other peoples post. There are also the expanded archives; you may want to learn about it by clicking the “Learn what’s included”. Please read all the information carefully for a clear understanding of this features. It will prompt you to “Protect your Archive” that includes private information such as profile, photos and wall posts. “Please keep this in mind before storing or sending in your archive” is a must read before proceeding.

6. Upon reading it carefully, click the “Start my Archive” to begin the backup series.

7. You will see the message box when you have clicked the “Start my Archive” button.

8. A message box will pop up to inform you that your archive is ready for downloading in your email address stated.

9. Once you confirm, the message box will tell you that it’s already archiving and email will be sent once available. Please check your email to proceed.

10. It may take some minutes before your backup series will be done. Make sure that you have already read all the important details while doing the downloading of back up. While it is pending you will see the gray message box appearing with message “We’re generating your personal archive, we’ll email you when it’s ready”. Please take a look on the message box from time to time to make sure the archiving or the downloading of back up files is progressing.

11. It took some time before the back-up is completed because of the size of your Facebook file, it is important that you need to check your email from time to time if it has been backed up.

12. While waiting for the back-up process, you may want to check the following in the “Learn what’s included” page. This are the information that you will see:

13.  It is very important to check all the information that has been popping up in your screen before proceeding to any downloading. Some features may not be friendly to your existing account and may ruin your current settings.

Always be cautious in making any confirmation that has been appearing in your screen in the form of the message tab. It is normally do double check and always asking for your consent or confirmation before it proceeds with the process. Once you accidentally made any confirmation that can delete your Facebook page or Facebook settings, you can no longer retrieve it back.


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