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Best Twitter Apps

Best Twitter Apps

Best Twitter Apps

There are various Twitter apps that you can use to help keep you updated with your Twitter account. Twitter is a different form of social networking service and micro posts service (small components or short sentences) that allow users to post and blog using a partial character of 140 that are called “Tweet”.

You can use this as your personal brief blog or post just like a freedom wall. As personal blogger, you may want to “Tweet” what you are up to right now. You can ‘Tweet” what you feel or where you are right now, anything that comes into your mind.  Or if you use Twitter in your business, your “Tweet” may be business and corporate. You “Tweet” to market your business, upcoming product launch, events that may be on with the business group or any update that your business may have.   Commercial “Tweets” may also be for linking, relating and upholding with others within the organization. Micro post or micro blogging has other features that allow you to control your privacy setting.  You can either control who you want to view your blogs and the alternative ways of broadcasting entries beside the web based interface. It can be done thru SMS or text messaging, instant messaging, e-mail, digital audio or digital video.

Twitter can work finest with your iPad and iPhone by selecting the right apps. Top five ideas are itemized below for you reference.


is an apps created and modified for using the operating system for Mac OS X and iOS client for the social networking site Twitter. It is an apps that lets users to view real time “Tweets” or micro post on the Twitter and let them broadcast their own. Twitterific main window boundary is a gleaming black subject comparable to certain palettes used in other Apple Inc. software. Users may choose to view the full public timeline or just his own or friends timeline.  You can also select to click on the links to mark it as favorite if you want.  Twitterific delivers functionality that lets you to upload image from your iPhone and iPad to post in Twitter. Advanced features are listed below:

  • For NOTES-it can now be linked into the Yfrog to open an in-app browser as an alternative to the photo viewer.
  • With the BUG Fixes- it can comprise a built in button which you can disable for autocomplete @name.
  • As for the IMPROVEMENTS- when you scroll up and down the read and the unread state of tweet, timestamps are restructured all the time. Every time you read your tweets, there is an indicator in your timeline tabs that your tweets are updated and real time. When you execute a profile action like the follow and un- follow, there will be an added voice over feedback once you are done with the action.  There will be no Third party logins that will be allowed when service has been immobilized. In iPad setting, there will be a larger font size available.
  • The “Readability” has been offered as the bookmarking service. Droplr has also been added as an image service.
  • Every time you “re-Tweet” or send out your replies, it can be read first by “Voice over” instead with the original tweet that you have made.
  • Clearing badges notification for push has been improved.
  • When more than one reply has been recorded, there is a fixed bug that could rectify it.

TWEETBOT-is an iOS client mobile application for the social networking site Twitter. It used for Apple Inc’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. There are three available versions that optimize the use for iPhone and iPod Touch and one for the Mac and another version intended for exclusive use for iPad. Features of Tweetbot are listed below for your reference:

  • It can protect and save drafts, it can be added to a sites and POI’s, you can attach notes/photos/videos so you will be able to  manage your lists and a whole lot more
  • It has several timeline which you can easily shift between your lists as your core timeline.
  • It is able to manage several services like of the Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Droplr and Cloudapp.
  • You can configure because of the cool movement for more efficient and time saving activity.
  •  It has notification for native push.
  • For the idle tabs it can easily be accessed and navigation is customized
  • You can turn on the filters to mute the block messages from users

ECHOFON– is a client application that that give full Twitter API for scrolling, reading, sending and sharing tweets. It offers free, ad supported versions and paid versions of its application.  Features of this app are listed below:

  • Push notification- can be constructed to push notification.  It can be push for your direct messages, favorites, followings, mentions and replies.
  • It has exceptional features which you are able to make amendments and modification for your photos, chat pop ups and exceptional users view.
  • There is a streaming tweets feature – that the moment you are connected to the WIFI network, your “tweets” will be available automatically and it will not require you to refresh it.
  • It is a universal app- it is downloadable instantly in your iPhone and iPad and not charge.
  • You can experience the remarkable features because of the design it offers for more organized and arranged ‘Tweeting” experience.
  • It is synchronize and automatic even when the device is switch off.

TWITTER- is an online social networking service and micro posting (micro blogging) service that allows users to read and send messages of up to limited 140 characters. The limited character given makes the idea of a micro posting and micro blogging. Some of the uses of Twitter are mentioned below:

  • Information Network- it will help you connect with the world to the latest news, stories and ideas.
  • For business- help you connect with your colleagues, customers and suppliers in real time. Allows you to promote and update status of your business instantly.
  • On the Go- allows you to use Twitter on your mobile for easy and quick Tweets to all your networks.
  • SMS – is an instant features that allows you to “Tweet” instantly, it is programmed and connected directly to your mobile for easy and fast “Tweets”

TWEETINGS– is a Twitter client that allows you to use the extensive features it offers. The features are as follows:

  • Roll your own custom color themes and share them with others
  • Photo viewing  and view your timeline in photos
  • Timeline sync allows you to show your location and access your network’s tweets in from different devices. Equipped with necessary features for Tweet Marker application.
  • Full support for iOS 4, iOS 5 & iOS 6, multitasking, the iPhone 4 Retina Display and iPhone 5 4″ screen.
  • Instant push notifications for direct messages, @ mentions, when you are retweeted or favorited with highly customizable options
  • When on a WiFi connection you can set your tweets and DMs to show up instantly without you needing to refresh
  • Mute users, hashtags and a whole lot more


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